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Imagine waking up fully-rested, ready to conquer your day.
Your body and mind working as one to maximize your health and happiness.

Your weight, fatigue, symptoms, and helplessness lessening more and more each day.

Imagine a doctor who actually listens to your concerns.

Who doesn’t use blood tests to over-rule your experience.
Who will partner with you to find a solution that really, finally works.

Now, imagine all of the above on your schedule, your turf, and in your pajamas.

I’m Dr. Alison DiBarto Goggin, and I’m here to help.

Since 2005, I’ve specialized in working with patients who don’t feel heard by their care team, whose chronic fatigue, pain, weight gain, or depression doesn’t seem to be responding to the traditional methods, who simply crave the energy and vitality to live their lives and support their families.

By meeting with my patients via phone or video chat (telemedicine), I bring all my knowledge and experience to where you are - no office visits required. That’s right! No taking off time from work, commuting, circling for parking, hauling your kids along, loud, overcrowded waiting rooms, or waiting for your doctor to finish with other, chattier patients.

My hours are flexible - often nights and weekends, after my own children are in bed - because I know how rare quiet time can be. Need testing? The labs will send the tests directly to you in easy-to-return packaging. Need supplements? All can be ordered online and shipped directly to you. 

If fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, digestive issues, lack of interest in sex, lagging stamina, joint pain, arthritis, headaches and more are slowing you down, help is only a phone call away. 

What’s more, your first call is absolutely free. Simply complete the form below to schedule your consultation.

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If you are curious about how functional medicine can help you, if specialized testing is the key to your answers, or want to see which plan would benefit you most schedul...
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Other ways to bring Dr. Alison into your home:

Books by Dr. Alison 

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planning your joyful pregnancy and birth
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Check out all of Dr. Alison's books on Amazon! She has authored four books on women's health from fertility, pregnancy, hormones, and intuitive healing. Stay tuned for her next book coming out at the end of 2019!

Courses by Dr. Alison 

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Little Black Bag Medicine offers a variety of courses to empower you to understand your health and take action right away. Click here to learn more!

Each course is self-paced learning. Interested in joining a live course? Sign up for our newsletter to find out about all of the upcoming classes!

You can also learn more about functional medicine with our:

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what our patients are saying

"I am in my 60’s and  I was feeling miserable for very long time.  Depressed and tired all the time, overweight by 20 pounds, dry skin, nails and hair, all in very bad condition. My sleep was off and mood too. I didn't like myself at all. I love my husband very much but I avoided get intimate as much as possible. I was somebody that I couldn't recognize. 


One day a friend left a little book for me to read. I just couldn't imagine that somebody know about me that much and never really met me ever before. I called Dr Alison and that was my new beginning. 


Today I am ME again. My husband can't stop smiling at me and I'm feeling great! Full of energy, sleeping better, and closer to my husband. It took just 3 supplements an patch with B12 vitamin. I was already eating good. I just continue to do that and walking little more. I still have long road to go but I can't be happier with what I achieved. 


If you feel any like me before and tried talking with the doctors, like me, don't waste your time and your life anymore. In a month or two you can start feeling better. Just call Dr Alison and talk to her. " N. M. 

If you are curious about how functional medicine can help you, if specialized testing is the key to your answers, or want to see which plan would benefit you most schedul...
Free Consultation
30 min
Free Consultation

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