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The 2017 Reset and Renew program is designed around meeting you where you are now, creating goals for your health and wellness that work for you, and working together to create real change in your life.

This all access program will give you 3 months of consultations, email access, a free hair analysis, and lots more, plus a savings of $200. Essentially a free month of expert concierge care!

This is for you if you have ever said:

“My blood work is normal but I feel horrible. Something has to be wrong but my doctor’s say I’m fine”

“I have to keep seeing my chiropractor, I never hold my adjustment or massages”

“I’ve tried so many supplements and companies, nothing worked for long, and I just don’t know what to do next”


I want people to trust their body, how they feel and know that they have options. Natural, effective, and simple options. Together, we will find the right solution and program for you!

When I work with clients my goal is to meet you where you are, to see what your personal goals are, where you struggle, find the underlying blocks, and help you transform your health and life.

For some people their goal is to simply lose weight others are looking to figure out the best eating plan for them. Others are looking to stop the excruciating pain that can’t be resolved with traditional methods or medicines. Others want to balance their hormones so they can start living and enjoying life again.

Sometimes that is an easy change and more often it is a process of uncovering each layer of health and the areas that need support.  This means that scheduling consults becomes overwhelming, time consuming to keep up with, and a challenge to add in to your schedule and budget.

With the concierge program you have the ability to create amazing communication and connection with me to ensure that your needs are met, your goals are finally being realized, and you are seeing your body transform.

This 2017 Reset and Renew program costs $400 for three months (you save $200!) and includes:

  • Up to 4 phone 1-hour consultations each month

  • Unlimited email support

  • Free hair analysis

  • New doTERRA members will receive a free 100 points in free product!*


Additional laboratory testing will be additional costs and typically paid directly to the laboratory or testing center. Fees are set by the lab, based on insurance/cash availability, and expected at time of service.

This offer closes on 1/15/2017 and I only have 10 available client spaces open. Claim yours now for this limited offer!

Click here to schedule your first consultation and claim your three months of concierge functional medicine!


Have questions before you get started? Send me an email at YourOilDoc@gmail.com or schedule a free consult to see if this program is for you.



Our Policies:

  1. No blood, stool, or urine labs included in this package, any requested labs are paid out of pocket to individual testing labs. Your insurance MAY cover a portion depending on the test. You can contact the billing company with your specific questions.

  2. No refunds are available for this program except within the first 15 days.

  3. Payment for this program is paid in full before the start of the program.

  4. Phone consultations must be scheduled 24 hours in advanced (no same day consults unless approved)

  5. Emails will be responded to within 24 hours on business days. Our goal is always as soon as possible, typically within 2 hours.

  6. There are no refunds given on previous month's payments.

  7. You may switch over to paying per consult at the end of your 3 month cycle.

*New doTERRA wellness advocates will receive a free 100 points when they enroll with 100 points and place a 100 point Loyalty Rewards Program in February.

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