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Depression & Anxiety Reboot for High Achieving Women

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Are you experiencing symptoms such as: 

- Trouble remembering simple tasks

- Overcome with anxiety and depression with no answers

- Unable to focus at work due to stress and overwhelm

- Unable to sleep or stay asleep

- Constantly physically and mentally exhausted

- No energy left for your children, spouse, or friends



What is included in the 21 day Depression & Anxiety Reboot for High Achieving Women


This is NOT a get fixed quick, a patch, a pill, or a shake. 
This is NOT a plan to download and never follow because it's too hard to do alone. 
This is NOT a one size fits all program. 

Most of those programs, courses, books give you some simple formula and let you go on your own to implement it.

My 21 day Depression & Anxiety Reboot for High Achieving Women is different. I know your body is unique and it requires a uniquely crafted plan that WORKS FOR YOU. For YOUR health, for YOUR goals. 


What's included:

Your private health consult

Personalized total health plan: food, fitness, mindset, nutrition, and more

Daily check-in’s and private support group

Customized support kits

Anxiety Answers Workbook

Dr. Alison’s “Healing The Woman Within” and “101 Journaling Prompts” books

PLUS, You're going to have some powerful accountability and community support.



You will be notified by text when your application is accepted and Dr. Alison is ready to schedule your introductory consult and see if the program is a right fit for you! 



It is YOUR time to be a PRIORITY in your life! 

Join the program for just $297!

The only question remains: what is the root cause of your symptoms?

We will go through each topic during the program and here are some insights into anxiety, mood, depression root causes:

- Insulin resistance and blood sugar instability
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Leaky Gut
- Leaky Brain and microglial activation/inflammation
- Generalized inflammation
- Adrenal fatigue leading to brain dysregulation/damage
- Neurotransmitter imbalances (hello craving chocolate and wine!)
- Trauma, PTSD, Abuse
- Abnormal circadian rhythms 
- Breakdown of the hormone axis' (hypothalamus and pituitary) 
- Too much or too little estrogen 
- The list goes on!

There is no one solution or blanket protocol that can be used for someone with generalized anxiety, let's find your root cause and help you feel your best!

Join the program for just $297!
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