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Total Body VIP Intensive


Are you experiencing symptoms such as: 

- Struggling with health issues that no one can help you with

- Overcome with anxiety and depression with no answers

- Unable to lose weight no matter which diet you try

- Unable to sleep or stay asleep

- Constantly exhausted

- Never in the mood 

- Finding out your blood work comes back normal even though you feel miserable



Apply to be accepted into the 6 week VIP Intensive today! 

This is NOT a get fixed quick, a patch, a pill, or a shake. 
This is NOT a meal plan to download and then not follow because it's too hard to do alone. 
This is NOT a one size fits all program. 

Most of those programs, courses, books give you some simple formula and let you go on your own to implement it.

6 week functional wellness VIP Intensive is different. I know your body is unique and it requires a uniquely crafted plan that WORKS FOR YOU. For YOUR health, for YOUR goals. 

YOU are the one that knows that best. SO, unlike other programs out there, this VIP intensive is about asking you the right questions, deeply evaluating your blood work, symptoms, foods, lifestyle, relationships, and stress that get you to look at the situation with new eyes and see how powerful you are TODAY in creating the change you want to see in your life.

PLUS, You're going to have some powerful accountability and community support. 

The total investment for this program is $997. 



Only a handful of spaces are available and we officially close on 2/15/2019,

apply to be accepted into the 6  VIP Intensive today! 



You will be notified by text when your application is accepted and Dr. Alison is ready to schedule your introductory consult and see if the program is a right fit for you! 



It is YOUR time to be a PRIORITY in your life! 

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