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From IBS to Happiness! 

 5 ways to reverse IBS and lose weight!


During this free ONLINE seminar you will learn:

  • How it is possible to reverse IBS and chronic bloating

  • The real root causes of gut destruction and dysfunction

  • How you can feel better fast and in just a few days

  • How YOU can be your best advocate and live a life with energy

Monday - March 25th - 8pm Central
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- You are never sure if your pants will fit because of your bloating in the morning, and they definitely aren't fitting by the end of the day!
- Your trainer and doctors are tired of telling you to lose weight and they don't even believe you when you say you are eating the right way!
- You have tried every supplement, oil, and pill but you still can't seem to find the solution. Why does everything work for everyone else??
- You are constantly fighting with your spouse because you are sick of how you look, your libido is in the gutter, you love them and you want to be with them, but how can you when you feel this way?
You aren't alone and this workshop will help you find the answers that work for you! 
Are you tired of fighting your weight and your belly?

Little Black Bag Medicine is a functional wellness practice that offers flexible telemedicine and phone or video consultations. Your consultations are completed at a convenient time for you either during lunch or after your children are in bed. Lab testing is available including blood, saliva, and hair with an extensive selection of options. Testing kits can be sent to your home making testing in the privacy of your home easy and simple. Test results are reviewed over the phone along with your personalized plan.​

I remember sitting in the office of my 10th specialist at a world renowned hospital with no answers for my leg pain, shoulder pain, and insomnia. I was 15 years old. I was diagnosed with everything from fibromyalgia, bone fractures, tendonitis, depression. 

I suffered through high school and college with right shoulder pain that was diagnosed and treated as tendonitis. I gave up my favorite sport of swimming and lived with the dull constant pain that never went away despite PT, OT, massage, chiro, meds.

It wasn't until I was at chiropractic college when I shared what was going on with a friend during a kinesiology seminar. He knew exactly what was going on, it was actually the next hour of lecture. I didn't have shoulder pain, I had gallbladder and dysbiosis that was referring pain to my shoulder. He treated me for the *true underlying cause* and magically my shoulder pain dissipated!

All the years I spent, all the doctors who just focused on my pain point and never looked further (but they didn't really have that knowledge either), and all the medications that I took that changed my brain in a very negative way, could have been avoided. I see it now as a lesson that I was able to have this experience so I could learn how the body truly works, how to address someone's pain and heal the source, and give others hope that there are answers out there for you.

If you're ready to take that next step and live a new life I am here to help you. Together we will find the true cause of what your body experiencing. 

Meet Dr. Alison DiBarto Goggin