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Are you struggling with digestive issues that aren't resolving with supplements, diet changes, or drugs?

This free video series and handouts will help you navigate how to work towards a healthier digestive system. Plus some tips on how to help your body digest your holiday meals with ease!

If you are suffering from any of the following more than once a week you need a reset before the holidays!


Dry Skin

Burning feet

Blurred vision

Itching skin and feet

Excessive falling hair

Frequent skin rashes

Bitter, metallic taste in mouth

Bowel movements painful or difficult

Worrier, feels insecure

Feeling queasy; headache over eyes

Greasy foods upset

Stools light-colored

Skin peels on foot soles

Pain between shoulder blades

Use laxatives

Stools alternate from soft to watery

History of gallbladder attacks or gallstones

Sneezing attacks

Dreaming, nightmare type bad dreams

Bad breath (halitosis)

Milk products cause distress

Sensitive to hot weather

Burning or itching anus

Crave sweets

Loss of taste for meat

Lower bowel gas several hours after eating

Burning stomach sensations, eating relieves

Coated tongue

Pass large amounts of foul- smelling gas

Indigestion ½ - 1 hour after eating; may be up to 3 – 4 hrs.

Mucous colitis or “irritable bowel”

Gas shortly after eating

Stomach “bloating” after  eating

Digestive Handouts include:

1. 7 Day Diet Diary for you to track all of your meals and symptoms after eating. Are you feeling light and energized after eating or sluggish and sick? Your headaches, sinus congestion, or fast heart beat after eating may be signs of food sensitivities.

2. An elimination diet protocol to help you determine which foods to eat, avoid, and group when working with this type of eating plan. If you are looking for a way to determine which foods you are sensitive to this is a great plan.

3. Food Sensitivity Resource list. This publication is a collection of resources on the topic of Food Allergies and Intolerances for consumers. Resources include books, pamphlets and audiovisuals and Web resources. Many of the pamphlets are available in single copies and some may also be purchased in bulk from the organization listed (Web addresses are provided for materials available online). The books and audiovisuals can be either borrowed from your local library or purchased from your local book store.

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