Whole Body Wellness

With Essential Oils

EVERY HOME needs essential oils and if you don't have them yet, I want to meet up with you. We have an oil for that!

Digestive discomforts 
Tired, achy muscles 
Feelings of anxiousness 
Feelings of sadness 
Immune support 
Sleep issues 
Scratchy throats 
Seasonal threats 
Head tension 
Skin issues 

This list can go on and on and on. I can't even begin to tell you how these crazy little oils have changed my life. I can PROMISE they will change yours as well.


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Let me teach you the basics in my Essential Oils 101 class

I am a chiropractor, functional medicine physician, and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential oils for over 8 years. I have combined essential oils and doTERRA products with my practice with amazing results. 

As a mom of two, using oils has drastically improved our sleep, immune systems, and focus for school and work. Our home is a clean and safe environment because of oils and I am grateful we have doTERRA in our lives. 

I teach weekly and monthly classes, online and live, for our team and customers. You are welcome to join us! Find a list of classes on our Facebook Page @LittleBlackBagMedicine

Are you feeling unsure about how to use your oils safely and effectively?

Are you looking for professional experience and support with your oils?

Would you like personalized support and care?

Schedule a free wellness consult with Dr. Alison to discuss your health concerns, answer your oil questions, and get personalized support!

Are you ready to get started with your oils?

Choose your kit and you will be gifted a starter kit and books with everything you need to get started with your oils PLUS a private health consultation with Dr. Alison. 

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I look forward to supporting you with your essential oils and your health!

Dr. Alison 

Claim your free sample and join a 5 day challenge group!