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Food Sensitivty and Allergy Testing

If you struggle with losing weight, chronic digestive and sinus issues, and diets or food modification hasn't worked for you, testing for food sensitivity is a must for you. Our tests are specific for foods, spices, mold, inhalants, as well as Gluten and Celiac Sensitivity. Because not all sensitivites are true allergies, the testing will give you a gradient of how sensitive you are to a specific food, spice, or mold.

Our test is $219 paid directly to the lab** and you can visit any local blood lab close to you to have the test completed. Your results arrive in a few days and we will review them during your initial or follow up consultation.

Our test covers

Almond - IgE

Blue Mussel - IgE

Brazil Nut - IgE

Buckwheat - IgE

Coconut - IgE

Cod - IgE

Corn - IgE

Cow's Milk - IgE

Egg White - IgE

Hazelnut - IgE

Oat - IgE

Peanut - IgE

Rice - IgE

Salmon - IgE

Sesame - IgE

Shrimp - IgE

Soy - IgE

Total IgE

Tuna - IgE

Wheat - IgE

Alfalfa - IgG

Almond - IgG

Apple - IgG

Apricot - IgG

Asparagus - IgG

Avocado - IgG

Banana - IgG

Beef - IgG

Beet - IgG

Blueberry - IgG

Broccoli - IgG

Buckwheat - IgG

Cabbage - IgG

Cane Sugar - IgG

Carrot - IgG

Casein - IgG

Celery - IgG

Cheddar cheese - IgG

Chicken - IgG

Chocolate - IgG

Clam - IgG

Cod - IgG

Coffee - IgG

Corn - IgG

Corn Gluten - IgG

Cottage cheese - IgG

Cow's milk - IgG

Crab - IgG

Cranberry - IgG

Cucumber - IgG

Egg white - IgG

Egg yolk - IgG

Garlic - IgG

Gluten - IgG

Goat's milk - IgG

Grape - IgG

Grapefruit - IgG

Green (string) Bean - IgG

Green Pepper - IgG

Kidney Bean - IgG

Lactalbumin - IgG

Lamb - IgG

Lemon - IgG

Lentil - IgG

Lettuce - IgG

Lima Bean - IgG

Lobster - IgG

Mushroom - IgG

Oat - IgG

Olive - IgG

Onion - IgG

Orange - IgG

Oyster - IgG

Papaya - IgG

Pea - IgG

Peach - IgG

Peanut - IgG

Pear - IgG

Pecan - IgG

Pineapple - IgG

Pinto Bean - IgG

Plum - IgG

Pork - IgG

Potato, sweet - IgG

Potato, white - IgG

Raspberry - IgG

Red Snapper - IgG

Rice - IgG

Rye - IgG

Salmon - IgG

Sardine - IgG

Sesame - IgG

Shrimp - IgG

Sole - IgG

Soy - IgG

Spinach - IgG

Strawberry - IgG

Sunflower seed - IgG

Tomato - IgG

Total IgE

Trout - IgG

Tuna - IgG

Turkey - IgG

Walnut - IgG

Wheat - IgG

Yeast - IgG

Yogurt - IgG

Zucchini - IgG

Allspice - IgG

Basil - IgG

Bay leaf - IgG

Black Pepper - IgG

Cayenne Pepper - IgG

Cinnamon - IgG

Cloves - IgG

Cumin - IgG

Curry - IgG

Dill - IgG

Fennel seed - IgG

Ginger - IgG

Horseradish - IgG

Marjoram - IgG

Mustard - IgG

Nutmeg - IgG

Oregano - IgG

Paprika - IgG

Parsley - IgG

Peppermint - IgG

Rosemary - IgG

Sage - IgG

Thyme - IgG

Total IgE

Vanilla - IgG

Alder Tree- IgE

Australian Pine Tree- IgE

Bahia Grass- IgE

Bermuda Grass- IgE

Birch Tree- IgE

Brome Grass- IgE

Canary Grass- IgE

Cat dander- IgE

Cocklebur- IgE

Cockroach- IgE

Common Ragweed- IgE

Cottonwood Tree- IgE

Cultivated Oat Grass- IgE

Dandelion- IgE

Dog dander- IgE

Elm Tree- IgE

English Plantain- IgE

Eucalyptus Tree- IgE

Giant Ragweed- IgE

Johnson Grass- IgE

June Grass (Kentucky Blue)- IgE

Lamb's quarters- IgE

Maple Tree- IgE

Mesquite Tree- IgE

Mite Generic- IgE

Mold Generic- IgE

Mountain Cedar Tree- IgE

Nettle- IgE

Oak Tree- IgE

Olive Tree- IgE

Orchard Grass- IgE

Pecan Tree- IgE

Perennial Rye Grass- IgE

Red Top- IgE

Rough Marsh Elder- IgE

Rough Pigweed- IgE

Russian Thistle- IgE

Scale- IgE

Sweet Vernal Grass- IgE

Timothy Grass- IgE

Total IgE

Walnut Tree- IgE

Western Ragweed- IgE

White Mulberry Tree- IgE

Alternaria tenuis - IgE

Aspergillus fumigatus - IgE

Candida albicans - IgE

Cladosporium herbarum - IgE

Curvularia lunata - IgE

Epiccoccum purpurascens - IgE

Fusarium moniliforme - IgE

Helminthosporium halodes - IgE

Mucor racemosus - IgE

Penicillium notatum - IgE

Phoma betae - IgE

Pityrosporum orbiculare - IgE

Rhizopus nigricans - IgE

Stemphylium botryosum - IgE

Total IgE

Trichoderma viride - IgE

** Most major insurance companies will assist in the payment of the test. Your price will be determined by your insurance during our call when ordering the test for you. If you do not have insurance the fee is different, paid to the lab, and will be discussed during the call.

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