Functional Medicine Consultations

Consultations are built around your goals and needs. We will work together to discover what you truly want to happen for your health and life, find the source and solution, and move forward toward better, healthier days.


The Process:


First, we begin with a free 30-minute consultation. After reviewing your most current labs and health history, I’ll listen to your symptoms, start any necessary testing, 


Testing is not a one size fits all in our practice and additional testing will be determined by your health history, personal needs, and requests.


Next, we’ll meet (again via video conference or phone) for 90 minutes. We’ll focus on your most important symptoms, and uncover their root causes. You will have plenty of time to ask questions about your health, your needs, and the program. 


You will leave this call with a 90 day customized whole life plan to include meal plans, nutrition guidelines, fitness programs, any supplementation changes or additions.  


I will continue to be available to you as your body heals. We will work at the pace that is best for you, chart your progress, and adjust the plan as needed. 

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.


Functional Wellness Services


Complimentary Discovery Call

30 minutes to discuss your health goals and concerns, to discuss further testing and see how functional medicine can help you live your best life.


Initial Consultation

Your one-time initial consultation will include a complete health history review, blood and additional lab test reviews and reports, and at the end of your call, you will receive a 90-day plan to meet your health goals. Also includes a 15 minute follow up call two weeks after your initial consultation



Follow Up Consultations

Additional one hour support calls to review and renew your plan, update supplement and lifestyle plans, ask questions, and discuss new concerns.



Quarterly Specials

These programs can be found under the "Design Your Health" tab and will offer you a variety of options for consults, labs and testing, and even group coaching!

Price Varies


Consultation Packages
After your initial consultation, you can schedule on demand and online as you need ongoing support and an updated plan or you opt-in to a consultation package so you have accountability, support, and guidance guaranteed. 
Basics Program
Single payment with discounted prices
8 consultations scheduled over 12 weeks
Continual plan and supplement review
Foundations Program
Single payment with discounted prices
12 consultations scheduled bi-weekly 
Continual plan and supplement review

Additional testing is not included and is paid directly to the testing lab. 

Additional supplements are not included and paid at time of ordering.