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If you are:

Hitting snooze more than once, twice, ten times
Downing a full pot of coffee in the morning and afternoon

Catching a nap in the car during lunch

Staying up until 2am because you can't sleep
Missing workouts because you are too tired
Too tired to even read this

Then you need to join in on this free 5 day experience and get the tools, protocols, and information to start loving your energy all day long. Sign up with your email to get access to the group. 

The #1 concern of my patient's is their low energy and how nothing seems to help them. Coffee, energy drinks, supplements, exercises, only make them feel more tired. Or tired and wired so no one is sleeping and no one is awake!

Every person has their own fundamental factor in why their body is struggling and this program will start to help you find your main cause. 

What we will cover:

Best practices for nightly routines, increasing melatonin naturally, and sleeping deeper for longer
Morning routines that will boost your energy without pills
Foods that support your energy and are easy to incorporate
Discuss blood and body type and how you can allow your body to recover energy
The how and why to exercise for your body
Normalizing cortisol throughout the day
Innovative tests to help determine what is actually going on with your energy

"My blood work is 'normal' but I still feel horrible" is something Dr. Alison hears on a daily basis from her patient's and knows exactly how they feel. Dr. Alison is a functional medicine expert who is passionate about finding the core or root cause of each person's symptoms instead of treating the numbers on the lab test or the symptoms with a general protocol, she insists on diving deep into your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, blood and body type to determine exactly why you feel the way you do and creates an invidualized plan based on your core health needs. You can trust her to work closely with you, listen to your story, and finally find the customized help you need. 

If you have specific questions before you get started with the free program email youroildoc@gmail.com

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