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Hormones are our body's messengers, sending signals from the brain to all of our organs telling them how to perform and what to do next. When those signals aren't working, our hormone levels are too high or too low, our cells are so overwhelmed they can't take any more messages, or we never catch a break and can't stop the cycle of stress and our entire body is run down and sick. 

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about


  • Your dark depression or unshakeable bad mood?

  • The sleep that never happens?

  • Your menstrual cycle is a hot mess and you fit somewhere in the PMS, infertility, PCOS, heavy bleeding and clotting, just name any period symptom you can think of...?

  • Your immune system is on vacation, while you are always working?

  • You have thyroid symptoms, even if your blood work is normal?

  • Your scale won't budge and your weight is a serious stressor?

  • You always feel stressed, even on days off?

  • Energy comes from a can or a pill?


This hormone healing program is just for you to finally find out what is going on with your hormones by testing the true levels through saliva testing and co-create a plan for you to move forward with your life. 

The Adrenal Stress Hormone profile will be mailed to your home or picked up at your consultation. Over a 24 hour period you will fill 4 tubes with saliva during different times of the day. Then you put them back in the bag and mail them for free back to the lab. Your results come back to our office in a few days. It's really that easy! In the meantime you can fill out your entire health history, share all of your symptoms, struggles, and goals, and help me understand what your body is going through.

After your test results come back I will review them alongside your health history and we will schedule our consultations so we both will be fully prepared to move forward with the best plan for you.

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Your program includes a saliva test delivered to your door and 3 in-depth consultations to create a plan to heal your hormones. We will cover everything from the best diet plan and exercise program that is best for your body type, we will work with your current supplements or add in short term support, and most importantly we will focus on your biggest health struggles to find the source and heal it so you can live your life free from pain and imbalance. 

The Adrenal Rhythm and Its Importance

The human adrenal glands do not secrete steroid hormones at a constant level throughout the day. The hormones are actually released in a cycle, with the highest value in the morning and the lowest value at night when functioning properly. This 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm.



Energy Production

Abnormal adrenal function can alter the ability of cells to produce energy for the activities of daily life. People who have a hard time rising in the morning, or who suffer from low energy throughout the day, often have abnormal adrenal rhythms and poor blood sugar regulation. The maintenance of a stable blood sugar level depends on food choice, lifestyle, adrenal function and insulin activity. The Adrenal Stress Index™ panel measures stress hormones and insulin, to help ferret out the causes of fatigue, cravings and obesity.


Muscle and Joint Function

Abnormal adrenal rhythms are known to compromise tissue healing. Reduced tissue repair and increased tissue breakdown can lead to muscle and joint wasting with chronic pain.


Bone Health

The adrenal rhythm determines how well we build bone. If the night and morning cortisol levels are elevated, our bones do not rebuild well, and we are more prone to osteoporosis. Stress is the enemy of the bones. In postmenopausal women, the effect of stress worsens due to female hormone imbalances.





Immune Health

Various immune cells (white blood cells) cycle in and out of the spleen and bone marrow. The immune system trafficking follows the cortisol cycle. If the cycle is disrupted, especially at night, then the immune system is adversely affected. Short- and long-term stress is known to suppress the immune response in the lungs, throat, urinary tract and intestines. With reduction in the surface antibody (called secretory IgA), the resistance to infection is reduced and allergic reactions are believed to increase.


Sleep Quality

The ability to enter REM sleep cycles and experience regenerative sleep is interrupted by high cortisol values at night and in the morning. Chronic lack of REM sleep can reduce a person’s mental vitality, vigor and induce depression.



Skin Regeneration

Human skin regenerates mostly during the night. With higher night cortisol values, less skin regeneration takes place. Therefore a normal cortisol rhythm is essential for optimal skin health.


Thyroid Function

The level of cortisol at the cell level controls thyroid hormone production. Often, hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue and low body temperature are due to an adrenal maladaptation.




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

A common HPA axis defect in CFS is impaired corticotrophin release. As a result, low cortisol and eventual adrenal atrophy may be observed. Depleted adrenals with flat rhythms are often seen on the ASI™ panel. Simultaneous use of several therapies can help improve the debilitating effects of CFS.



Glycemic Dysregulation

Chronic hypoglycemia can impair normal adrenal function by repetitive overstimulation of cortisol production. Recurring exposure to high cortisol will impair insulin activity, and invariably lead to insulin resistance and beta-cell exhaustion (diabetes). The ASI™ panel investigates the insulin-cortisol relationship under real-life conditions to allow targeted and meaningful interventions. This panel is useful in the following clinical situations: rapid weight gain and obesity, deranged blood lipids, sugar blues, early diabetes and associated emotional disturbances.


Allergies/Autoimmune Disorders

More than fifty years ago, Dr. W. Jefferies (author of Safe Uses of Cortisol) discovered that patients with environmentally triggered allergies and autoimmune diseases dramatically benefited when given cortisol for other purposes. More recently, German researchers reported that disruption of the adrenal axis and cytokine relationships lead to predisposition and aggravation of autoimmune diseases. The findings of the ASI™ help identify patients with autoimmune diseases and adrenal problems who can benefit from cortisol supplements.





Several recent publications report a hyperactive HPA axis in depressed patients. Elevated midnight salivary cortisol is now considered one of the best tests in diagnosing endogenous depression. Other anomalies in cortisol rhythm usually accompany the midnight elevation. On the other hand, cortisol elevations and rhythm disruptions throughout the day are typical of attention deficit disorders (ADD). The anomalous cortisol findings in depression and ADD can be diagnosed successfully with the ASI™. Subsequent interventions to rectify the time-specific cortisol elevations (during the day or night) are usually effective when applied under proper supervision.



*Must Know Info*

- Testing is paid by you directly to the lab and prices are subject to change depending on insurance. Testing prices listed are for clients with major health insurance companies. We will discuss your insurance and lab price prior to ordering the tests. 

- Test kits come directly to your home. You follow the directions within the kit and mail the kit to the lab in a pre-paid box. 

-Additional testing can be done and added to your lab costs including food allergy panels, female hormone testing, and more.

- Consultation discount is only available for those who pay in full prior to starting consultations. 

- Consultations are scheduled after your test results are received to maximize your results and our conversations.

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