Hormones with Balance Program

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Working with women who have hormone imbalances is one of the most exciting part of my functional medicine practice. Most women call me because they were put on birth control with no explanations for their problems, why they are experiencing their symptoms, or given a realistic long-term solution. Hormones are not scary, complicated yes, but manageable for every woman. It’s a celebration when my patients send me pictures of their positive pregnancy tests or let me know that they are finally free of debilitating PMS symptoms and pain!


This hormone transformation program will give you the gift of healing your hormone patterns so you can finally feel amazing through your whole month. In this program you will receive

-Hormone healing book with recipes and amazing resources that you can take advantage of today


- Hair analysis: to monitor your thyroid, stress, hormone, inflammation, and nutrition levels

- Monthly consultations to create your personalized plan for your lifestyle, food, nutrition, exercise and more with weekly check ins to monitor your progress, ask questions, and focus on healing

- Daily whole food supplements and essential oils are included for each month. These will support your entire endocrine system (brain, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries) in a gentle and effective way so you don't have to guess what to use. Additional supplements offered with a discount

*Learn more about whole food supplements here*

-Additional testing is available with discounted costs

3 Month Package $620

6 Month Package $1100

This program is the best support for you if you are experiencing any of the following:


PMS - PCOS - Infertility - Heavy Bleeding - Cramping and Clotting - Depression - Fatigue - Spotting issues



You will have personalized support through the entire program because we know that hormone cycles take at minimum 2 months to heal, you need to be in control and supported through the changes. I offer these longer programs with supplements because I want to guide you through the healing process, be your trusted and reliable resource, and help you determine the best options for your life and health. 


You have two options: 3 month program and 6 month program! Each program offers you the opportunity to work closely with me to create your plan to help you meet your goals. You may be looking forward to being pregnant by the end of the year, wanting to balance your hormones to support your weight loss, or reduce the stress and tension in your life that is caused by PMS symptoms. 


If you are tired of chasing the same issues with prescriptions and supplements that don’t make a difference, this is your opportunity to have your entire health history reviewed with a functional medicine physician and have your supplements and testing included in this package. To get started, you fill out your health history forms, symptom surveys, and health questionnaires and then I review them and any lab tests you have done. Then we spend 2 hours together on the phone or Skype creating a plan for your life and health and talk about the source of  your hormone symptoms. Then weekly we check in on how you are feeling, sleeping, eating and adjust your plan as needed. 


When I was a teenager I was incorrectly diagnosed with endometriosis and after the unsuccessful surgery my doctors told me there was nothing left they could do for me. On the flip side my chiropractor told me that women shouldn’t feel *anything* when they had their period and if you did it was because your diet and inflammation was terrible. It took me 10+ years, 2 babies, lots of supplements and support to finally figure out that my digestion, my liver, and my diet were major factors in my hormone imbalances. Once I figured out the *source* of my issues I was able to heal my hormones. Then once I figured out the perfect balance I needed support to keep my balance!


When I talk with women we always look at the big picture to find out why these symptoms are occurring, what systems in your body need the most support, and how to accomplish that as quickly as possible. Personalized support is why functional medicine is the top choice for women looking for hormone support, get your plan started today with Dr. Alison DiBarto-Goggin. 



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