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Lab Testing

The following lab tests are available through our practice:

  • Full Blood Panels

  • Food, Mold, Spice Allergy testing

  • Thyroid and Hormone Blood Panels

  • Female and Male Hormone Saliva testing

  • Adrenal Saliva Index

  • Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Stool analysis for yeast, infection, parasites

  • Any testing offered through the labs listed

Testing is easy, simple, and cost effective for you! Most kits (saliva, stool, hair) can be done in the privacy of your own home. The kits needed are mailed directly to you with pre-posted return packages.


Once your test is complete, just drop it in the mail. Results are directly reported to the doctor and a follow up consultation will review your results and plan.


The cost of each test is determined by the individual lab.

Please note that insurance may or may not cover additional laboratory testing. Our office can bill your insurance, however that is not a guarantee of payment. Please check with your insurance to verify coverage.

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