Saliva Testing for Menopause

I use saliva testing in my office because I hate guessing and what is truly going on with your body. We can assume all day long that you are menopausal or not cycling, but until we test and see where your hormones actually are, there is no way to know. We can keep trying every supplement, oil, homeopathic remedy with no or minimal success. Don't play the guessing game!

I help women who tell me they are menopausal, definitely, but have a long list of symptoms (hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss, low sex drive, dryness) and just want to fix the symptoms. Many times we can do testing, find out what is the true underlying cause and help their body get back to cycling and have a healthy menopause.

Read more about saliva testing for menopause here and message me to set up a consult to get your test:

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