Powerful Pleasure - Personalized Program | littleblackbagmed

Your private and personalized program includes:

  • One Full Health History Workbook that you’ll fill out so we can co-discover the root of the symptoms you’re experiencing

  • One 90-minute consultation. QUESTION: WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUR DOCTOR SPENT 90 MINUTES WITH YOU? Probably never, which is exactly why it’s one of the first things we do together. During this call we dive in and find the RIGHT solution for you and your body.

  • Personal protocol for healing based on what we uncover on our consultation. This protocol will be for YOUR specific body, no one-size-fits-all treatments here.

  • Total hormone testing is included with saliva testing and in-depth blood work.

  • Supplements and essential oil support is included in your price so you don’t have to worry about anything! 


  • Six weeks of mentoring and course content that is dedicated to empower you to understand your body, hormones, libido, and what you can do to support your health. Plus, we will cover the sexy details of foreplay, how to figure out what you want in bed, how to go from 0 to YES!!!, and connect with your partner on a soul level. 

Powerful Pleasure - Personalized Program

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