You don’t have to live life feeling like you are always ‘giving, giving, giving’ and never having space or time for yourself. 


If you are highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, or just feeling the weight of the world on you, it is your time to expand into becoming more. 


This membership is for you if you are:

  • Feeling burnt out on your feelings. Your body is taking the toll, your emotions are all over the place, and you feel like you can’t get it under control.

  • Learning about spirituality and energy. We are all on the journey of learning more about who we are and what we bring to the world! 

  • Feeling alone. Maybe you feel like you can’t talk to friends or family about your ideas and feelings, they don’t understand, think you are overreacting or just to ‘woo’. 


Somewhere inside, you know there’s a better way, a way to bring yourself back to a place of feeling whole, aligned to your goals and higher purpose, and ready to integrate physical healing. 


The Soul Elements Collective is a place for you to find your community for healing support, both emotionally and spiritually. 


Your Soul Elements Experience includes:

  • Private Facebook group to get to know your community, ask questions, and get support.

  • Weekly Live Readings and Healy Sessions


  • Monthly Meditations created just for our group.

  • Free access to the Shamanic Journey Program, a six-week program dedicated to empowering your spiritual growth.

  • Monthly drawings for members to get a private energy clearing and frequency session where we meet up privately to support you


As a founding member you can secure

your monthly membership

at just $19 monthly.

Or purchase a year membership and get 2 months free:

Helping women change their lives is my soul’s work.
I am deeply passionate about helping women because I believe that life is meant to be lived and when you’re exhausted and burnt out, it’s just not fun. 


We have lives, jobs, children, and relationships that we WANT to show up for but sometimes our health gets in the way. My job, is to help you be empowered to create space and time for yourself so you can show up with joy and enthusiasm every day. Because you deserve it. 


You are worthy of living a life you love. 


Healing your body is part of the journey to living your best life, and I’m here to help you get there. 


Ready to heal?

Let’s do this.

Dr. Alison


Q: Is there a monthly contract?

No, you are free to cancel any time

Q: Do I have to know everything about energy healing?

No, this group is open to anyone!

Q: Is there a specific religion that I have to believe in?

No, but I ask that you be open and non-judgemental of others

Q: How much time is required to be part of this?

As much as you want, all video's will be recorded for you to review at your pace.