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Awaken Your Soul Medicine

Powerfully blending functional medicine and soul evolution

You are ready to heal your body with personalized care. 

You are ready to awaken to your spiritual path. 

You are done with dissociating from life and want to be whole. 

Are You Ready?

Do you feel stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and perfectionism?

Do you feel disconnected or dissociated from your life, like this is happening to someone else and you just want to wake up?

Are you struggling with health issues and need someone who is willing to do the deep dive into testing and support with you?


If I could help you understand why you are experiencing this in your life and body, show you the map to shift it all, would you be willing to step up and start now?


I love my functional medicine practice, it has not only changed my life and health but thousands of others as well. In 2019 I wrote the book "Healing the Woman Within" because I felt that something was missing in my work. We have the time to talk about food, movement, sleep, hormones, but we miss the emotional side of stress, trauma, energy, and who you are at your essence. But just saying 'here read this book and go to a therapist' wasn't all I knew that I could offer. 

I was initiated as a reiki master in 2005 and have been an energy and shamanic practitioner since, but until now, I never incorporated into my full time practice. It has always been something I did on the side. 

This program is a step up and beyond just physical medicine. This program is to dive deeper into real-time energy healing, soul retrieval, regaining power, safe and loving space to work through these blocks, communicate with your higher, divine, and cosmic self, and come back into who you really are. 

I help people stop dissociating from their life to escape. This isn’t about ‘living your best life’ it’s about actually living life. Being present. Discovering you and your gifts. Who are you?

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Awaken Your Soul Medicine Details

Powerfully blending functional medicine and soul evolution

What is a shamanic practitioner?

A Shamanic Practitioner is someone who bridges the world of traditional medicine with ancient traditions. They bring balance to the world of health and wellness and their traditions are intertwined from many cultural practices as well as modern traditions. Every practitioner has their personal transmission of their healing from reiki and energy medicine, music or drumming, using herbs, nutrition, and oils, and many other tools. 

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is also a blending of specialties, based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual's illness. We utilize testing, health histories, and addressing the body as a whole to create individual treatment plans. 


How do we blend the two for your highest healing?

Many people reach out to me asking about what they can do for self-care and emotional health when they are recovering and healing. They are convinced that their illness is emotionally based, and many times it is or at least the emotions are exacerbating the illness. Many holistic healers tout that every root cause of every disease is an emotion. That once you fix the emotions all the physical issues will magically disappear. 


I call B.S. 


I say that we, as a holistic and traditional medical community, need to stop the shame of emotional blame. Traditional medicine blames weight and laziness and overlooks root causes and emotional health. Holistic medicine overlooks the physical body and focuses too much on stress and emotions. Some say that you need to control every thought and emotion and your inability to causes all disease. We need to bridge the gap and treat the whole person, not just the organs or perceived emotions. 


I think that all of these methods are another aspect of blaming the victim. Are you caught in a cycle of blame? You might be told you need to control your thoughts and emotions and in the same breath from the same person, you are told you can’t! Then, when illness comes, you are blamed and told that you should have been in control of your thoughts and emotions. It’s all your fault because you’re stressed, over-emotional, and every thought is toxic but you can’t escape or find a way out. Then the guilt from being sick and having emotions becomes overwhelming and you accept that you can’t be healthy, it’s all your fault, and there is no hope. You can’t control your thoughts or your emotions and no one can help. 


I do believe that emotions, stress, and beliefs will always affect your health. Most of the time when I have a patient who is not healing quickly or to their plan as expected, there is always an emotional stressor that is blocking them. This pattern is what brought me to write my first book “Healing The Woman Within”. We always have to address the underlying self-beliefs, the view we have of ourselves from how we were raised, what we experienced, etc. 


What the ‘all disease is emotionally based’ is missing is the rest of the world that affects our body. You are still human! We have genes that are triggered, unknown exposures to chemicals that disrupt our hormones, liver, adrenals, and break down our gut and brain barriers.  Embrace your human experience and embrace your thoughts, feelings, and body. 

Your 90 Day experience:

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We begin with a functional medicine overview and wellness plan. 

We’ll focus on your most important symptoms, and uncover their root causes. You will have plenty of time to ask questions about your health, your needs, and the program. 


You will leave this call with a 90 day customized whole life plan to include meal plans, nutrition guidelines, fitness programs, any supplementation changes or additions.  

Bi- Weekly calls to review your health. with live healing sessions and continue to explore what you want and need for your life.  

Voxer support so you can continue to integrate your experience 

Access to private Shamanic Journey Program group and ongoing course

Access to all past programs from Dr. Alison including Achieving Beyond Anxiety, Focused Family, and Beat the Bloat

Personalized Essential Oil Kit for spiritual and emotional integration

Free Supplement shipping included. Testing and supplements are add on's based on your personal needs and care plan

Total Value: $6000

Program Total: $4,444 or 3 payments of $1497 each

Awaken Your Soul

Being today by:

  1. Fill out the application

  2. Schedule an introductory call with me

  3. Plan your initial consultation date

What will change in your life with this program?

Physical healing first: Discovering the underlying CAUSE of your symptoms by understanding the physiology. We create a plan to bring your body back into balance.


How will your life change when you are sleeping all night, feeling energized in the morning, and living pain-free?


Break the pattern: How long do you stick with a plan before something breaks your focus and everything feels lost? How many times have you had to start over? With this program when you fall back into old patterns we uncover WHY! So you can break these patterns and fully integrate the habits and support that will make a difference this time. And have loving support through the whole process.

Stop spiraling out of control: Depression and anxiety are real and damaging to your life, health, and energy. As we work together you will find the answers to tapping into yourself to slow down the spiral, to not fall as far, and by the end, you can choose to experience joy in every cell. 

Heal relationships: when you heal yourself on any level, those around you heal. You will see the love for your life and self growth and that will be mirrored back to you from your spouse, children, parents, and friends. Imagine your children showering you with love, your spouse now tuned into you, and your relationships filled with laughter and love. 

You will heal the connection to yourself to embrace your emotions without judgment, trust your intuition, and say yes to your soul. Release the expectation of perfectionism, that life has to be perfect and complete now, and learn the power of the present. 

Does this sound nice but improbable to you? I would have said the same, actually, I did say that. That sounds great, but I can never have that. Until I worked on myself, found a personal functional medicine team as well as an energy, life, mindset, and shamanic teacher. I healed past and current relationships, my children are hugging me and loving me randomly, I know who I am and where my power is in my body and energy, which has allowed me to grow my business and support more people on their own journey. 

You will learn to give yourself what you have been missing in your life with ongoing support from me. You are never alone in this process and there is a beautiful connection within you waiting for you to accept. 



We will schedule your sessions through a private online link. Sessions will be done every 2 weeks unless additional time is needed. 


If there are absolutely no booking times that work for your schedule, please let me know and we can work it out. Sessions do not roll over past 90 days, so please make sure to use them! Sessions that are unused by the end of 90 days expire.


If you are in Saint Louis and would like to meet in person for your sessions that is an option. Otherwise, we will meet online through Zoom or phone. 


Once accepted into the program you will be billed through an online invoice. You can make three payments or one payment in full.


Our office will not bill your insurance but you can request a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.


We can continue with the same program with a discount or step into the functional medicine membership program. 

>>Have more questions? Contact me! 


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Awaken Your Soul

Being today by:

  1. Fill out the application

  2. Schedule an introductory call with me

  3. Plan your initial consultation date