The Wellness Workshop

Your Personalized Workshop to Design Your Health and Lifestyle

If you are sick and tired of chasing symptoms, doctors, and pills to fix your health and you want to finally experience energy, restful sleep, and living life on your terms, you can find your answers here!

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The Wellness Workshop is a personalized program for you, designed by you with guidance after discovering the true source of your symptoms and working towards aligning your body with health.

I created this simple starter program because my clients are tired of chasing their symptoms, wondering why nothing is working, and hating that their doctors aren't listening or even trying to help them anymore.

What You Get:

  • 4 Private Consutlations with Dr. Goggin at a discount price of $150

  • Full health history and functional lab review of any testing done in the past 6 months.

  • Full Allergen Testing done at your convienience at lab cost of $219

  • A 30 day plan for food, sleep, fitness, and health

Total Savings $1250 to you!

What's in it for you?

Stop guessing at what foods you should eat, when and why to eat them. Now you can stop 'dieting' and changing meal plans every month, stop watching your weight and actually release the pounds that don't serve you anymore.

Meet Dr. Alison DiBarto-Goggin

I have always practiced personalized functional medicine because I truly believe that healing is individual and not one treatment or program will work for every single person.

I believe in working deeply with each person to learn about their goals, struggles, and strengths. I believe in taking the time with each person I see, developing trust, and a connection before jumping into what will be a 'quick' fix in the moment.

When someone calls me and asks for a quick oil or immediate solution for a chronic issue I would be completely wrong to just give them an oil or supplement or food that might work without asking what's going on with them. Whatever I suggested probably wouldn't work, or work as quickly as they wanted it to and everyone would think I'm a crazy oil lady (which I am) and that the solutions of diet, oils, nutrition don't work. Your health is the most important part of your life and you need to truly understand your body and the core of your issues to move forward with a solution that is right for you. Let's find that solution together.

My speciality is working with women who struggle with hormone and thyroid balance, digestive issues, and infertility/pregnancy and pediatrics. Giving birth to my daughter at home, with the help of my doctor and midwife, was a life changing experience. Her birth helped me become stronger in my belief that I can do, be, and have everything I want as well as helping other women to understand that they always have options, the only right choice is what they truly want. The best part of working with women is seeing them discover for themselves what they want out of their health, life, and relationships. Anything is possible!

Your investment

It's as easy as signing up for your four sessions ($150 total), once you recieve your blood test kit in the mail schedule an appointment at your local lab (Any Lab Test Now! is perfect) and sending in the payment to the lab ($219**) and when your results come in we will start our sessions. This is a huge savings of over $1250 to you!!


How often will our consultations be and how long do they last?

Our first consultation will be approximately 90 minutes to make sure we cover your entire health history, we get to understand completely what is going on with you, and focus on what your next steps are. The following consults will be based on how you are doing with the plan, we will schedule at least once a month or sooner based on your preference.

Do I have to go to my primary physician to order the blood work or testing?

No, the blood lab request will be sent directly to you and  you can schedule a time at a local lab at your conviencine.

How long does it take for results to come back?

Results typically take about a week. We can schedule your initial consultation before or after the results depending on your preference and readiness to start the program.

What if I already take my own supplements?

No problem! Let's make sure they are the right type for your health and that you are taking them at the right time as well. I'm happy to work with options that work for you.

Do I have to take pills or supplements?

Not necessarily. Some people need simple supplements for a short period of time to help their body heal, but it's all based on your health and needs.

What if i have questions between sessions?

You can email me between sessions with your questions as needed. Please allow 24 hours for me to respond.

What if I just want the blood test without the entire consultation package?

I can do that to with the 30 minute consultation charge. Go to 'Book Online' and choose that consult, shoot me a message and I will send you the test and our consult will occur when the results are in.

What if I don't have insurance?

The labs have slightly different fees but they are similar in cost.

What if I want a refund?

Lab testing can not be refunded at anytime.

If you do not want to continue after the initial consultation and wish to cancel your remaining visits you will be refunded for the consults you did not use. If the remaining consults are complimentary you will not be refunded.

** Denotes the insurance based fee for lab work for those with major insurance and Medicare. We will determine your cost based on your insurance during the initial consult.

Let's Get Started!

You're ready to take control of your health and start this journey, all you have to do is click here to schedule your first consult and secure your spot for $150. You will get a welcome email with your health history forms to complete and return, we will ship the blood test to you to be done at a local lab when you can. Our future consults will be scheduled after your first to make sure we answer all your questions!